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Film Editor

"The edit is where the final draft of every screenplay is written."

I've cut several hundred TVC's, firstly in London at The Film Editors where I started out as assistant to Ridley Scott's commercials editor Pamela Power, and then at Digital Pictures Melbourne where I was senior offline editor. I've cut a Melbourne International Film Festival award winning feature length documentary and been nominated for best editing in a short film at the Madrid International Film Festival.

Switching between TVCs, music videos, docos, drama and online content gives me an all round workout!



The feature length documentary I edited and co-produced, 'Graceful Girls', directed by Olivia Peniston-Bird, won the People's Choice Award for Best Documentary at the Melbourne International Film Festival 2015.

Set within the tight knit almost exclusively female world of calisthenics, a uniquely Australian dance form come sport, the film follows Brianna as she tries one last time following controversial losses in past competitions to win coveted the top prize of being crowned 'Most Graceful Girl'.



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